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It’s located in New West and Southeast Burnaby boundary. For the detail address p[lease click here. By car, it takes about 5 mins from East Burnaby, 15 mins from Metrotown, 20 minutes from Coquitlam Centre, and 30 minutes from Richmond Centre.

You will need to have your pet’s microchip, vaccination certificate, import permit, government health certificate. If you would like to know more, you are welcome to contact us.

In our experience, tartar with periodontal disease is the most common dental disease. 80% of the dogs older than 4 years old have some forms of periodontal disease. It’s a very painful condition. If left untreated, the peritoneal bone and ligament will be irreversibly damaged, and the teeth will eventually become mobile and fall off.

The owner can choose a bigger kibble as the main diet or treat (Hill’s T/D), it will increase the chewing motion and help mechanically remove some tartar. Annual dental cleaning (comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment) will also help to maintain your pet’s oral health.

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